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Praise for Mine Your Own Business
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The environmental movement is clearly afraid of rolex replica this film, and they should be. Mine Your Own Business, Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer's clear-eyed look at the true impacts of mining and the nefarious tactics of its opponents, exposes the self-satisfied delusions of the environmental Left, putting lie to a host of deadly, anti-growth canards and revealing the smug elitism of many green advocates.

Peter Suderman, National Review

It does make an important point and one that is rarely made by other filmmakers and that is, the people in these poor communities, it gives voice to them and to what they need.

Richard Davies, ABC Radio

Two thumbs up and four stars for "Mine Your Own Business." It's the feel-good hit of the winter. The documentary exposes the elitist attitudes and stunning hypocrisy of environmentalists who treat the most wretched and pathetic souls in the Third World like dirt. Worse than dirt, actually. Much worse.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

By the end of the film, he's produced a pile of rolex replica quotes, observations and footage that cast environmental groups in a decidedly unflattering light.


Mine Your Own Business is the most devastating insight into the green movement I've seen on screen.
Herald Sun

The film is devastating because it combats prejudices and fantasies with pictures that refute thousands of weasel words. Images spun from afarIt deserves to be seen by anybody who wants to understand the impact on poor people of radical environmentalism

National Post

"Move over, Michael Moore. You have competition in the art of political film-making[but] instead of advancing the cause of smug liberal hypocrisy, he's debunking it."

Wall Street Journal

A powerful new documentary [that] shines light on a different villain

The Sun-Herald

Mine Your Own Business does a great job of exposing the lies and hypocrisy of so many professional environmentalists. It is a must-see film and all of those who wish to truly help the poor of the world owe the filmmakers much thanks and gratitude for the necessary job they have done.

Kirby Wilbur Host 570 KVI Seattle

A Michael Moore-style documentarycasts the green movement as the influential villain of a worldwide campaign to block development and deny people the chance of jobs and a decent life.

The Guardian

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Mine Your Own Business, a film produced by New Bera Media in association with the Moving Picture Institute, looks at the dark side of environmentalism.
It talks to some of the worlds poorest people about how western environmentalists are campaigning to keep them in poverty because they think their way of life is quaint. It is the first documentary to ask hard questions of the environmental movement.